Chimney & Stove Services

Pellet Stove Installation

Pellet stoves are becoming a popular heating option due to their energy efficiency and space saving features. Our HETAS engineers are fully qualified to fit any pellet stove to the highest standard.

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Pellet stove installation by Southwells Chimney and Stove Services

Twin Wall Flue Installation

A twin wall flue allows you to have a stove installed if you do not have a chimney. The flue is a steel chimney that is added to your property, taking up very little room and is fast to install.

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Twin wall flue installation by Southwells Chimney and Stove Services

Chimney Sweeping

Creosote naturally builds up in your chimney during normal use of your fireplace or woodburning stove. Regular chimney sweeping should be carried out to remove this build up prevent fires.

Fires started by creosote build up in the chimney flue burn hot and fast, therefore can be extremely dangerous. We use the latest chimney sweeping methods to achieve the best results, ensuring that your chimney and flues are clean and safe.

At Southwell’s we take great pride in our ability to provide a quality sweeping service at a competitive price. Our service will make your home safer, cleaner and more energy efficient.

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Chimney sweeping by Southwells Chimney and Stove Services

Chimney Repairs

We offer a range of chimney services and repairs including chimney pointing, chimney replacement, repair of damaged chimney pots, chimney capping and cowl installation and chimney surveys for inspection and testing.

If you have a chimney related issue then please get in touch to see if we can help.

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Chimney repairs by Southwells Chimney and Stove Services

Inglenook Fireplace

An inglenook is a large recess in the wall featuring a fireplace. Whereas a chimney usually protrudes into a room, an inglenook is a type of “walk in” chimney with a recess at its rear.

We construct inglenook fireplaces that not only look great but are built to a high level of craftsmanship.

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Inglenook fireplace construction by Southwells Chimney and Stove Services

Chimney Liners

A flue liner is often referred to as a chimney liner. It is a flexible tube that is connected to your stove pipe to line the inside of your chimney. It runs up the entire length of your chimney, carrying the fumes up your flue liner instead of releasing them straight into your chimney cavity.

Flue liners are often installed into a masonry chimneys to produce a continuous and unbroken flue from the appliance to the outlet thus preventing flue gases escaping through the brickwork.

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Chimney liner installation by Southwells Chimney and Stove Services

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